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:iconsayhiplz: Aaand I'm here to continue with the update of how my life's been during this long hiatus that will keep going on indefinitely :iconsighingplz:
We already covered the art part, now it's my health condition's time :confusedjontron: 
I mentioned in the first part of the update that I was given new medicine, so let's start with that:
For a long time now, my doc had me take blood tests quite often because every time, without failing, they would show a little alteration of the white cells count, as if there was some infection my body was fighting against with (like a cold or something), but there was nothing going on that we could tell; so he kept on looking from different angles until he gave me corticosteroids to help ease the dreadful pain and stiffness I was in, together with an order to have another blood test done-for arthritis- after some time of taking this new medicine. The plan was to have a like a "shock" treatment taking quite a high dose for a week, and then slowly start reducing the dose during summer to finally take it out (it's not the best thing to take corticosteroids permanently). And boy, did that first shock help; I was able to go from resting all day in pain and stiffness, procuring not to do something that could hurt me further, to getting my ass up and being able to do the most basic things around the house, to the most important one: exercising! (depending on how much my body lets me); thank you contradictory miracle drug! Wish you'd stop making me gain weight and that you were 100% human-friendly so I could take you forever and ever!! :iconcomebackplz: But it's just not so, yet I wasn't able to leave it completely, because I would go back to having enough pain to put me back on a couch/bed.
So at the end of summer, I went back to see my doc, with my new blood tests results waiting for me and hoping some news other than looking for new pills that kill the pain momentarily. It is now that I should mention that when this whole fibromyalgia thing started, before I even knew it was that what I had, in some blood tests done back then it was found that I have an auto immune disease (your own body attacks itself as if it were fighting something external), but not one of the docs I was seeing back then paid much attention to it. But thanks to my current doc, it was found that this auto immune disease, might as well be the cause of this overbearing pain; together with the fibromyalgia or maybe not even. This new lead could mean that all my pain is solely based on this autoimmune disease; the thing is, there's no way to "define" my disease, because it's not showing itself as lupus or some other disease where the body self-attacks, so it might as well be something genetic. What does this mean? I might not have fibroshiet and just this autoimmune disease, or I might have both things, which is what I think it is when I look back to how my health has always been. With this new info, my doc started me on another medicine which will attack directly the disease, instead of just treating the symptoms like he has to do with fibroshiet, so that's the good thing about it.
So where am I now? In absolute confusion, uncertainty and expectation. The treatment could last from 6 months to 2 years and if all goes well and it's just the auto immune disease, the plan would be to then start cutting off all of the other medicine I'm taking; if it's both... I just don't know. It's a heavy punch on my feelings, because we were planning on starting a family with my husband and we suddenly had to push a heavy break on that strong wish we both had... I still have to see some effects on this new treatment, and the seasons changing once again fucked my body up... but oh well, that's just more of the same old shiet :dummy:

So, yep! That's how my life's currently going, both on art and health-wise... I dunno when I'll be able to come back to do what could be thought of the most normal activities around here, but I do want to thank as always all those who care for this information, for me :aww: and to let you know that your support always helps win my battles in this health war I'm in, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you so, SO much :love:

I hope you are all doing great and that we get to see each other soon ^^

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